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People will experience a heightened sense of dread and self-consciousness when the tooth that is missing is at the front of the mouth. However, a lost tooth does not have to be a worry anymore, especially with the advancements in modern dentistry. You can replace your missing front tooth and get your smile back through dental tooth implants. Those who have lost one or more front teeth can have a front tooth implant. In the past, the only available option for replacing a missing tooth was a bridge or dentures, both of which were often uncomfortable and not always durable. In addition, they were not very pleasing from the cosmetic perspective.

Teeth are lost for various reasons including injuries, diseases and infections, or even the normal wear and tear that occurs in the aging process. Missing teeth take away your healthy, beautiful smile, ultimately affecting both your self-esteem and confidence. Many people are forced to become isolated, because they avoid social gatherings, so they do not have to smile, laugh and talk, therefore exposing the gaps in their teeth.

Front Tooth Implant does not affect the other teeth.

Having a dental implant inserted between your natural teeth is the most reliable, predictable dental procedure available, with a success rate higher than the overall success rate of dentures and bridges. Not only do they look better and are much easier to clean, a front tooth implant does not affect the other teeth like dentures and bridges do. In fact, patients can clean their dental implants in exactly the same way, and at the same time as their own, natural teeth.

Implant practitioners from the Brighton Implant Clinic agree with other implantologists that the procedure used in single tooth implants is the same as any type of dental implant. The oral surgeon will make a tiny incision in your gum in order to access your jawbone then drill a small hole in this bone before inserting the implant. Tooth implants resemble a small metal rod and are either cylinder or screw shaped.

Front Tooth Implant by placing an abutment on the dental implant

After this stage, the dental surgeon closes the incision and gives it some time to heal. The healing period is usually a period of between four to six months, which allows osseointegration to take place, an important stage where the implant fuses with the jawbone. The surgeon will perform the next step of the front tooth implant by placing an abutment on the dental implant. They will also take measurements for the fabrication of the crown that will ultimately replace the single missing tooth. After three to four weeks, the dentist will open up the original wound in order to insert a small attachment or abutment to the implant.

In most cases, a front tooth implant will not result in any complications and is a routine procedure, unless there is not enough bone tissue in the patient’s mouth. In this case, the dental surgeon will carry out bone grafting for the dental implant, so it will have a strong anchor. If the gum is so thin that the implant itself is visible, there will be soft tissue grafting to make it thicker.

Although the dental implant process may sound complicated, it is not. Your dental surgeon will break the process up into small, manageable steps, explaining everything along the way. The resulting front tooth implant will provide a much better quality of life in the end.

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