Tooth Coloured Restoration

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Made from powdered glass and acrylic resins, composite fillings are the most cost effective, resilient and aesthetically pleasing type of filling. It is also the most popular amongst our patients. These fillings blend to your natural teeth and you couldn’t tell the difference !


I had 2 implants, all in all took 10 months to complete, but wow was I happy with the results, cannot put into words how happy I am, my amazing dentist Aura Fanandez was fantastic, I was probably one of the most nervous patients, but I shouldn't of been, it never hurt once. Really !! So recommend them.


From the beginning of the process to my final fit of all on four implants the care I received from Bruno and all his team was excellent. Bruno's manner is caring and non intimidating. His attention to detail with regard to getting my final teeth to look 'just right' was exemplary.


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