Referrals for Dental Implant Treatment

Referrals for Dental Implants Highlights

Dental Implants Referral

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At Brighton Implant Clinics we accept Dental Implants Referral for dental implant treatment from many dentists. Many dental practices may not provide dental implant treatments to their patients and hence refer dental implant treatment to our clinic. With our experienced team of oral surgeons, maxillo-facial and oral surgeons we are able to treat a variety of complex problems associated with dental implants.

Can I still return to my dentist after dental implant treatment at Brighton Implant Clinic.

Absolutely… there is a common understanding that as a dental implant clinic we focus on dental implant treatments only. Patients are expected to continue seeing their regular dentist in order to maintain their oral and dental health. At Brighton Implant Clinic we keep the referring dentist informed at each stage of the dental implant treatment process.

Dental implants

We provide a flexible referral service for each particular case. In some cases dentists prefer us to carry out the entire treatment from start to finish. Sometimes dentists may wish to be more involved in the treatment process. In these cases the referring dentist will carry out the restorative part of the treatment. The patient is returned to the general dentist for completing the dental implant crown


Dr B. Silva has been placing implants for the last 8 years and placed over 5000 implants during this time. All of our cases are audited and recorded on the Association of Dental Implantology website ADIA. If you would like to refer a patient to one of our Brighton Implant Clinics or if you needed some advice we would be more than happy to help.

We accept referrals for

  • Dental implants*

  • Bone augmentation*

  • Teeth-on-4

  • Same Day teeth*

  • Surgical extractions*

  • Full dentures (completed within one day)

  • Partial dentures (completed within one day)

  • Full mouth rehabilitation*

these treatments can be carried out under intravenous sedation

For More information about Dental Implants Referral please feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call us on 0800 111 6623.