A Permanent Solution to Tooth loss


If you’re suffering from failing teeth or tooth loss, dental implants could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Dental implants are the closest thing to having your permanent teeth back, in fact, they’re stronger than natural teeth and look as real as them too. The Brighton Implant Clinic is an award-winning clinic renowned for dental implant treatment, read more to find out what dental implants are and if they’re right for you!



Have you ever thought how do dental implants actually work ? Are you missing a single or couple of your own natural teeth? A single tooth dental implant could be the solution.

Dental implants are small titanium roots that are placed into the jaw bone in order to replace damaged or missing natural teeth. Dental implants were discovered many years ago and now becoming more popular as more and more people find out that dental implant treatment is predictable and safe.

Single And Multiple Missing Teeth

Trying to cope with multiple missing teeth isn’t easy. If you are thinking of replacing multiple teeth one needs to be consider the alternatives before making a decision of which treatment is best for you. Below there are the three main alternatives to multiple missing teeth.

All On Four Dental Implant Case

We understand how hard life can be with missing or damaged teeth. Dentures or bridges are one solution, but they come with many disadvantages. People with dentures often worry about issues like plate slippage, so they have to avoid some of their favorite foods, like fresh fruit, corn on the cob, or a juicy steak. They often need to give up healthy activities such as swimming and dancing for fear of having their dentures slip, over even worse, fall out.

Teeth In A Day

Did you know that you can get the closest thing to a real tooth or permanent teeth in just one day? With no hospital appointments, no general anaesthesia, and a 95% success rate, dental implants could be the solution that you have been looking for. With new advances in dentistry, the dental implant procedure, including multiple implants, can be placed with teeth (crowns) or with a dental bridge in just one day.

All On Four Procedure

The all-on-four procedure is a complete restoration of the upper and or lower arch using dental implants which are fitted to a dental bridge. The all-on-four treatment is a full set of permanent teeth meaning a permanent solution, that not only feel like natural teeth but look identical to natural teeth too.

Bone Grafting For Dental Implants

Bone grafts, also known as block grafts are a simple procedure carried out by an oral surgeon. Bone grafts increase the width and height of the bone at the implant site (where the implant needs to be placed.). The surgeon performs a bone graft by using the bone graft tissue or material and attaching it to the deficient bone area. The bone graft material contains collagen and proteins that also encourage bone growth. There are different types of bone grafts as well as different types of procedures performed for the upper and lower jaw.

Zygomatic Implants

Dental implants are commonly used to replace single or multiple missing or damaged teeth. Once natural teeth are removed the jaw bone will shrink where the tooth or teeth have been removed. Over time the jaw bone will continue to decreasing in volume and the density can also become softer. Removable dentures do not provide any stimulus to the jaw bone to maintain the normal shape and form of bone. Healthy natural teeth transfer pressure and stresses and this in turn maintains the jaw bone due to bone being a dynamic tissue which responds to this stimulus.

Plasma Rich Proteins

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a technological procedure which involves the formulation and use of the patient’s own blood plasma. The PRP is therefore 100% biocompatible and safe to use in dental implant surgery. PRP contains growth factors, which are essential proteins in the process of cell proliferation and differentiation, extracellular matrix synthesis, remodelling and tissue regeneration. The proteins within PRP emit signals that accelerate the repair of damaged tissues by 40% over a period of time less than that obtained with traditional treatments

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