General Dentistry

Modern Dentistry is Preventative Dentistry

General Dentistry

Our award winning dental care covers prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and procedures. We have a wide range of experience in a variety of conditions, diseases, and disorders of the teeth, gums, and jaw. We want to ensure your good oral health, therefore we recommend that you see one of our dentists every 6 months for a dental health check up. Scroll down to see our routine services.



When you get sick, you go to the doctors, and people seem to apply the same rule to the dentist. If your tooth hurts, or you see a problem, you go to the dentist. Historically this is how dental care worked, many dentists focused on fixing existing problems but took no measures in preventing them. As modern dentistry has developed, preventive dentistry has become crucial, which seems pretty logical- If we can prevent problems, we should.


Brighton implant clinic provides Hygienist that will help to clean these deep pockets and remove any plaque or calculus which has accumulated around the teeth. Keeping the teeth plaque and calculus free will ensure that the periodontal disease is reduced. A Hygienist has specific training and experience in treating and managing gum disease. After removing plaque and calculus the hygienist will ensure that you know and understand exactly how to brush your teeth properly and floss every day.


Tooth extraction is characterized by a surgical procedure where one tooth or more than one teeth are removed. Extraction of a tooth is performed if impacted teeth cause problems such as

  • Pain.
  • Damage to the adjacent tooth.
  • Development of cyst around the tooth.
  • Complications with orthodontic procedures.
  • Damage to the surrounding bone.

Root Canal Treatments

At the Brighton Implant Clinic we have all the equipment necessary for providing high quality and predictable root canal treatments. We use a combination of hand instruments and nickel titanium rotary files. We also use equipment by Sybron endo for determining the accurate length of each root canal. In addition to this digital radiography is used in every surgery. The final seal of each root canal is carried out by elements oburation units which provide an excellent three dimensional seal of the root canal.


At the Brighton Implant Clinics, we have partnered with OrthoApnea, which is currently one of the only clinically proven products to eliminate snoring and reduce sleep Apnoea episodes and associated symptoms.OrthoApnea is an intraoral device, which is custom-made for each patient. The device is similar to a retainer for the upper and lower arch, which is attached by two splints and a screw in the middle. This device allows a controlled but comfortable advancement of the mandible – the jaw. This retains the muscular tone around the airway – allowing you to breath easy.

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