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September 29, 2016
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September 29, 2016

Zimmer Dental Implants

It is very vital for the implant dentist to be highly competent, the success of a dental implant is highly related to the dentist, when the implant is placed without complications then a 95% success rate is expected and that can be termed as the best teeth implants for that patient. The manufacturing company of the implant in most cases is not subject to the success of the procedure but it is prudent to go for the best implant manufactured by a reputable company. Zimmer Dental Inc, the company which manufactures the zimmer dental implant was founded in 1927 and has been among the world leaders in the development, design marketing and manufacturing of dental implants.

The company commands a market share of approximately 6% of the overall dental implants that are globally sold every year; this is quite a large market share with the knowledge that there are over one hundred and fifty manufacturers of dental implants worldwide. Even though their prices are much higher as compared to their competitors, Zimmer dental implant products are recognized to be among the top offerings in the industry of dental implants. The company is guided by the vision of improving the quality of patients’ lives every day and has direct operations in more than 24 countries with their products being sold in more than 80 countries.

Zimmer Dental Inc has one of the more all-inclusive product lines available in the market today, which includes the zimmer one piece, tapered screw-vent, regular screw vent and advent implants. The tapered Swiss plus which is the latest product from the company is packaged with an all-in-one fixture transfer or mount which enables the doctor to insert, easily make an impression, and add the final abutment which significantly reduces the procedure time, increases the ease of the procedure, and aids to increase productivity.

The Zimmer dental implant offers solutions to current and emerging problems and this is the reason why many dentists go for it, the implant has a high biocompatibility in that it fuses with the bone tissues within a short time, the implant is also well fitting and can easily be used by the oral surgeon.