What Is A Tooth Implant?

If one has lost a natural tooth due to decay, trauma or gum disease, the options for treatment are likely to include one of three possible options in Tooth implant.

The options for treatment are as follows

  1. What Is A Tooth Implant?Removable denture. This is a simple option to replace a missing tooth. A denture is also sometimes referred to a plate or false teeth. A denture is removable hence why it is referred to as a removable denture. Usually they are made of acrylic and are inserted carefully to replace any missing teeth. Dentures are not connected to the jaw bone in any way hence they really never feel connected with the body properly. Dentures affect the ability to taste food properly. Dentures can also affect the ability to speak properly due to the dentures covering areas of the mouth like the roof or floor of the mouth. Dentures can also cause sores and discomfort around the margins of the denture and for this reason, dentures are not very popular as a long term solution.
  2. radiographs of dental implant treatment in Tooth ImplantFixed Dental Bridge. A bridge can replace a single or few missing teeth. Provided the missing teeth are surrounded by strong healthy teeth a bridge is usually possible to make. A bridge gains its support from the adjacent teeth. The adjacent teeth are prepared to accept a bridge and the fixed bridge is then cemented permanently onto these supporting teeth. The fixed dental bridge is more comfortable than a denture as its fixed to natural teeth so it does not move around during speech or eating. Dental bridges are made of metal and porcelain so are more robust than dentures.
  3. tooth implant in brighton implant clinicTooth Implant







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