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November 15, 2011
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November 15, 2011

Teeth in a Day

teeth in a day

If you suffer from gum disease, a few missing teeth or no teeth at all, then Teeth in a Day implant treatment may be the right choice for you. New advancements in dental implants have reached the stage that allows problem teeth or missing teeth to be replaced with fixed dental implants in just one day.

Teeth in a day applies to a protocol also known as immediate function where by dental implants (with fixed teeth) are placed into the jaw bone in just one day.

Dental implants are made of titanium and have been used in dentistry and orthopedics for over 30 years. Bone tissue has an affinity for titanium and over time the it fuses with the titanium surface and forms an extremely strong connection. This process is called osseo-integration and is about 95% successful in healthy individuals (undergoing implant treatment). The process of osseo-integration usually takes a few months to occur ( 4-6 months ) however newer implant designs and surgical protocols have proven that dental implants can support fixed teeth immediately following surgery.


Teeth in a day – Single tooth replacement

A patient presented with a missing upper central incisor. The tooth had been fractured while with a cricket ball and the patient’s own dentist had removed the broken root. The patients tried to cope with a removable denture however he was unable to cope with the roof of the mouth covered by plastic. An implant was considered as being the best solution.


A dental implant was carefully placed under local anesthetic. The patient had requested for teeth in a day procedure, and a few hours later a provisional crown was secured onto the implant. The patient was able to return home with a fixed upper central incisor replacement tooth. The procedure takes about 2 hours to complete, (although only one hour of surgery) The treatment still requires that further appointments are carried out however the patient is able to benefit from a natural looking fixed tooth and no more dentures. The fixed provisional crown will also provide a better foundation for the tissues to heal after the surgery. When using this technique the gum tissues appear more natural as they adapt and grow around the provisional crown.

Teeth in a day – Complex treatment cases.

Patients who have multiple missing teeth or advanced gum disease usually ‘hold’ onto their natural teeth as they dread the thought of having removable dentures. Unfortunately dentures can be uncomfortable, difficult to eat with and reduce the ability to taste food normally. Teeth in a day is a predictable and ideal solution for many patients who struggle to cope with problem teeth or uncomfortable dentures. Teeth in a day is a popular choice of treatment for those patients who would prefer a shorter treatment time and avoid removable dentures.

With teeth in day the implant surgeon will

  1. remove problem, mobile or infected teeth which are not not Restorable.
  2. place four to six implants placed into the jaw bone in order to support a new fixed bridge
  3. take impressions directly after surgery, so a fixed bridge can be made on the same day.

It is important to note that the teeth which are fixed on the day are ‘provisional’ and are used during the healing phase. This means that patients can benefit from the comfort and convenience of fixed teeth immediately following dental implant surgery. Teeth in a day is a solution focused on making treatment easier and more comfortable for patients. The provisional bridge is replaced after a 6 month healing period. The definitive bridge is made out of stronger and more aesthetic materials and is customized exactly to each patients specifications. The color, shade, shape and position of teeth can be altered to achieve the exact result. The definitive bridge needs to be carefully maintained regular and routine brushing and flossing.

Dental implant treatment is successful in about 95% of cases. Although this treatment has many advantages it is not suitable for all cases. Brighton implant clinic opened in 2009 and has its own in house dental laboratory. Our dentists and clinical staff are focused on providing the best possible treatment to our patients. We are fortunate to have a dental laboratory on site which allows better communication between the surgeon, patient and dental technician. With dental implants and teeth in a day, you can get that perfect smile. Brighton implant clinic is a group of four clinics located in Brighton, Worthing, Hove and Hailsham.

For more information about Teeth In A Day please feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call 0800 111 6623.