S noring? Waking up breathless? Feeling tired all the time? Disturbances to our sleep can have detrimental effects on our day to day life. There are many conditions, medical and non-medical which can disrupt our own sleep as well as those sleeping next to us.

Sleep is essential to our health and well-being, emotionally as well as physically.  Common sleep disturbances include snoring and sleep apnoea. This is where the muscles in the mouth and throat relax during sleep and the airway can become blocked by the tongue, uvula, tonsils or simply by throat tissue. This is all dependable on anatomy, although being overweight, smoking or alcohol consumption, can attribute to this.

Snoring, sleep apnoea or similar conditions can inhibit your body from falling into a deep sleep, this can cause chronic fatigue, heightened emotions as well altering activity in the brain.  Snoring, sleep apnoea or similar conditions can more seriously increase the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases through sleep deficiency.

Sleep apnoea affects millions of people and is widely undiagnosed. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, it could be more than just a few bad nights sleep. At the Brighton Implant Clinic, we can provide you with a device which can analyse your sleep in the comfort of your own home. The RUsleeping RTS is a small device which monitors your respiratory patterns once you fall asleep. This can detect and record what is called an apneic episode.




If you suspect that you could be snoring we recommend that you visit our clinic and speak to one of our dentists who have experience with treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. First we ask that you complete a detailed questionnaire about your general health and also signs and symptoms that you may be unaware of that could indicate you are suffering from sleep apnoea. Next we carry out a thorough oral examination and check to see that your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of having treatment and also outline the reasons why our treatment may not work.

Before any treatment commences we need to diagnose that you are actually suffering from sleep apnoea. The RUsleeping device is demonstrated and we show you how to use this at home. We provide a single use cannula for you to use while you are sleeping. The following day the RU sleeping device is returned to the clinic and the data on the unit is interpreted by one of our team. The data on the RUsleeping device will indicate all the apneic episodes during the previous nights sleep.





At the Brighton Implant Clinics, we have partnered with OrthoApnea, which is currently one of the only clinically proven products to eliminate snoring and reduce sleep Apnoea episodes and associated symptoms. Did you know that one of the first symptoms of sleep apnoea is snoring?

Here is an online and downloadable questionnaire to see if you could have a sleeping disorder.
This questionnaire does not qualify as a medical diagnosis, however, it can identify whether you are suffering from chronic fatigue which could be caused by a sleeping disorder.



The R U Sleeping RTS is a nasal cannula and a small battery pack with a screen. This small device can be attached to you, your clothing, placed beside you in bed or on a pillow. The device begins recording once there is a change in pressure from the inhaled airflow through the nasal passage. The device can detect an apneic episode, which is if your breathing decreases by 50% or more for more than 10 seconds.All of these results will be recorded on the device. This recorded information can be sent electronically, such as via email or to a mobile device which can later be discussed with a dentist or doctor.The OrthoApnea therefore dramatically improves sleep and therefore health and wellbeing.




OrthoApnea is an intraoral device, which is custom-made for each patient. The device is similar to a retainer for the upper and lower arch, which is attached by two splints and a screw in the middle. This device allows a controlled but comfortable advancement of the mandible - the jaw. This retains the muscular tone around the airway - allowing you to breath easy. The device prevents restriction to the airway during sleep which eliminates snoring and reduces symptoms of sleep apnoea.
The OrthoApnea therefore dramatically improves sleep and therefore health and wellbeing.

  • MECHANISM OF ACTION - Controlled and comfortable jaw movement, including being able to drink water while wearing the OrthoApnea device.
  • MULTIPLE SOLUTION - Multiple solutions to various problems such as Sleep apnoea, occlusal pathology, snoring and more.
    • CUSTOM-MADE - A superior fit, made individually for each patient.
    • CLINICALLY APPROVED - Rigorously tested by specialists in Sleep Medicine..
    • TOTAL MOBILITY - Laterality, opening and millimetric controlled advancement.
    • ISO CERTIFIED - The OrthoApnea has received ISO 13485 and CE certificate. <%