Removable Denture

This is essentially a ‘false tooth’ or a ‘plate’. The removable denture is usually made of acrylic and it should fit in the mouth by way of an accurate snug fit.

Removable denture Brighton, Hove,Hailsham,Worthing in the uk

removable single tooth denture


  1. a removable denture is the most affordable option ( £295 for more information see our dental implants price list )
  2. it can be made in made in 8 hours
  3. aesthetically pleasing
  4. no surgery is needed, hence its simpler for both patient and dentist than the other alternatives
  5. causes no damage to the adjacent teeth


removable denture Brighton,Hove,Hailsham,Worthing

removable denture lower jaw


  1. uncomfortable as it is much larger than a natural tooth
  2. covers the roof of the mouth, hence it affects speech and function
  3. reduces your ability to taste food , the roof of the mouth has taste buds and these are covered by the plastic of the denture
  4. you are more prone to mouth infections e.g. thrush
  5. the bone where the tooth is missing will continue to shrink as the bone is not being used.
  6. needs replacing more frequently, as the bone and tissues shrink the denture will become more loose and will require replacement.

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