Meet The team of Professional Cosmetic Dentists in Brighton Implant Clinic

    • Dr Bruno Silva Principal Dentist

      Dr Bruno Silva – Principal Dentist

      GDC reg no. 77816

      Dr Silva graduated in 2000 from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. He has practiced in the London and Brighton area. He completed postgraduate training with leading specialists in Implant Surgery and prosthodontics in London’s West End and has attended several courses in United states and Europe. He completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Dentistry at the prestigious Kings College, London. Dr Silva is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology, British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the British Dental Association

Dr Valentim Candeias (Dr Valentine) Dentist

Dr Valentim Candeias (Dr Valentine) – Dentist

GDC reg no.196582

Valentim studied to be a dental surgeon at the University of Lins, Brazil. He completed postgraduate studies in periodontology at the University of Lisbon. Valentim has taught implant surgery for four years and gained ten years of experience in implant placement in Brazil and Portugal before coming to work at Brighton Implant Clinic.

  • Dr Fedrico Brunner Dentist

    Dr Fedrico Brunner – Dentist

    GDC reg no.194686

    Dr Brunner is originally from Argentina, he graduated in dentistry in 2001 from The University of Madrid. After working as a dental surgeon for 10 years, in Spain, Dr Brunner decided to move to the UK to be part of the Brighton Implant Clinic dental team in Hailsham. Dr Brunner has an interest in oral implantology and cosmetic dentistry, he completed post-graduate training and attended several courses in United States, Spain and Republic of Cuba.

  • Dr Guido Cuba Dentist

    Dr Guido Cuba – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 194887

    Guido is a native of Peru, now living in Brighton. He graduated in 1995 as a dentist at the National University of Rosario-Argentina. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Oral Rehabilitation (2003), Masters in Endodontics (2004) and Postgraduate Clinic in Implantology-Prosthesis (2009) at the University of Barcelona. He also worked at the University as an Assistant Professor in the Masters of Endodontics from 2005 – 2008. Guido is currently completing the ‘Current Concepts in American Dentistry’ international program, at the New York University College of Dentistry. Guido enjoys working at Brighton Implant Clinic and in his spare time he likes to play squash.

  • Dr Uma Gopinath Dentist

    Dr Uma Maheswari Jeyaraj Nallathambi – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 186459

    Uma graduated in India in 2000, obtained her GDC registration in 2009 and finished her MJDF Royal College of Surgeons Part 1 exams. Uma has a special interest in prosthodontics on dental implants and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Prosthodontics at King’s College, London. Uma is very experienced in restoring both simple single tooth cases as well as complex full arch cases using the Teeth-on-4 concept. Uma has also completed a sedation course to help anxious patients feel more comfortable during treatment.

  • Dr Rocio Bello Sanchez Dentist

    Dr Rocio Bello Sanchez – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 205925

    Rocio graduated at the University of Murcia in 2009. She worked in Spain for 2 years as a general dentist, before coming to Brighton Implant Clinic to gain experience and learn more about implants.

  • Dr Diana Hernandez Dentist

    Dr Diana Hernandez – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 237257

    Diana graduated in 2009 in Spain at The University of Murcia, where she also worked for three years before coming to England. Brighton Implant Clinic has provided Diana with the opportunity to work with a large team, keep up to date with the latest dental technology and improve her skills in dental surgery and dental implants.

  • Ekaterina Teplova Dentist

    Dr Ekaterina Teplova – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 248757

    Ekaterina (Kate) graduated from Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University, located in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1998. From there, she worked for 10 years in Russia, serving a general dentist in a private clinical setting. Having moved to the United Kingdom from Russia in 2009, Kate worked as a dental nurse at Brighton Implant Clinic from 2010 to 2012. In 2013, she completed her Overseas Registration Examination and obtained her GDC registration. Over the course of her career, for keeping up-to-date in her expertise and knowledge base, Kate has completed several courses in endodontics, esthetic restorations, and communication skills in dentistry at the world’s leading centres of instruction as well as the world’s leading professional dental organisations.

  • Dr Aurora Fernandez Dentist

    Dr Aurora Fernandez – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 223492

    Aurora is originally from the province of Cadiz, in the south of Spain. Aurora thinks that Cadiz is the “Spanish Brighton” and one of the reason why she came to this enjoyable town. Aurora graduated in dentistry in Seville in 2011 and since she completed her degree she has always wanted to improve her knowledge of implant surgery. Brighton Implant Clinic provides her with the opportunity to learn the most up to date techniques of implant surgery. Aurora is very happy of being part of this big family and hopes she will be here for a long time.

  • Dr Lucia Sanchez Dentist

    Dr Lucia Sanchez – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 223377

    Lucia graduated at the University of Seville in 2011. She is originally from Spain where she was working until she arrived in Brighton. She thinks Brighton Implant Clinic is the best place to work to keep updated, especially in Implant Surgery. She loves living in Brighton and enjoys the good vibe that the city offers.

  • Dr Margarita Caracuel Sanz Dentist

    Dr Margarita Caracuel Sanz – Dentist

    GDC reg no: 230807

    Margarita finished her bachelor’s degree in dentistry at Alfonso X el Sabio University of Madrid and started her professional experience in a Unit of Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery, where she developed a special interest in oral surgery and implantology. She worked as general dentist in Spain to strengthen her knowledge of oral medicine, endodontics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry and dental esthetics. She was part of the doctor’s team in the Reina Sofia Hospital, Spain, for 2 years, helping with general dentistry in children and special needs patients under general anesthesia. Margarita moved to the UK to be part of the Brighton Implant Clinic dental team.

  • José Costa – Dentist

    José Costa – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 148136

    José Costa is originally from Brazil, where he graduated in 2001. After working in private and community dentistry in Brazil, he decided to move to the UK to develop further professionally. He now holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from King’s College London (2011) and is fully registered in the UK as a dentist. Dr Costa is a highly motivated dentist, passionate about safeguarding and improving people’s health. He loves the South East landscape and is now thrilled to join the Brighton Implant Clinic team in Hailsham.

  • Maria Parra Aviles Dentist

    Maria Parra Aviles – Dentist

    GDC reg no. 244261

    Maria is a dentistry graduate of the University of Seville in Spain, she served in a Dental Polyclinic from 2009 to 2012 at university. At the polyclinic, she was active in oral surgery, preventative and community dentistry, restorative dentistry, prosthetics, paediatric dentistry, and periodontology. Maria worked as a dentist in Malaga, Spain before coming to the UK and in London later in 2013. She holds multiple interests in sports, travel, cooking, and reading, and looks forward to advancing her knowledge of best dental care practices in her capacity at Brighton Implant Clinic.


  • Rebecca Levine Hygienist

    Rebecca Levine – Hygienist

    GDC reg no. 5050

    Becky completed a Diploma in Dental Hygiene 1996 and has worked with Dr Silva in our practices since we opened in 2002. She has an indepth knowledge in treating gum disease. She is an invaluable member of our team and is always motivated in looking after our patients. Becky graduated from Kings College London.

  • Sarah Sibley Hygienist

    Sarah Sibley – Hygienist

    GDC reg no. 239022

    Sarah joined Brighton Implant Clinic in 2009. She qualified with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy in 2012 from The Eastman Dental Hospital, London. She thoroughly enjoys her work and has a gentle and caring approach towards her patients. She strives to educate, motivate and encourage patients to achieve a high standard of oral health.

  • Ewa Ginter Dental Nurse

    Ewa Ginter – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 227021

    Ewa assists in Dental Implant Surgery and restorative dentistry. Ewa joined Brighton Implant Clinic in 2009 and works exclusively with implant procedures. Ewa also has a masters degree in environmental engineering.

  • Hanna Badzinska Dental Nurse

    Hanna Badzinska – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 227086

    Hanna assists in dental implant surgery and restorative dentistry and has always wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. Hanna joined Brighton Implant clinic in 2009 and works exclusively with implant procedures. In her spare time she loves to cook Japanese cuisine.

  • Lisa Shaw Dental Nurse

    Lisa Shaw – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 233780

    Lisa assists in dental implant surgery and restorative dentistry. Originally from Brighton, Lisa studied her A levels in Psychology, PE and Human Biology and is a qualified fitness instructor, she has recently returned from a year travelling the world. Lisa joined BIC in 2009.

  • maria gortych

    Maria Gortych – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 244303

    Maria has been part of our team since 2010. She works exclusively with dental implant procedures as well as restorative dentistry and dental photography. She enjoys being part of Brighton Implant Clinic and is currently working at Worthing branch. Maria would like to develop her skills in the professional field. In her free time she enjoys working out, reading books, studying, travelling and taking pictures.

  • Anna Mieczkowska Dental Nurse

    Anna Mieczkowska – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 245954

    Anna graduated in Company Management, 2008 in Poland. She came to England in 2004. Anna joined Brighton Implant Clinic in 2010. Anna enjoys a challenge and learning new things. Anna is currently on maternity leave.

  • Anna Gadomska Dental Nurse

    Anna Gadomska – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 245831

    Anna originally graduated as a Fine Art Teacher, but moved to England two years ago where she gained an interest in dentistry. Anna has been working as a nurse, assisting our dentists, since November 2010.

  • Katarzyna Koniusz Dental Nurse

    Katarzyna Koniusz – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 245108

    Katarzyna came to the UK in 2010 after working in Poland as a Pharmacy technician. She is a qualified dental nurse and works alongside Bruno assisting with dental implants.

  • Paulina Michalska Dental Nurse

    Paulina Michalska – Dental Nurse

    GDC reg no. 248458

    Paulina came to the UK in 2010 and started working at Brighton Implant Clinic in September 2011 as a trainee nurse, graduating as a qualified dental nurse in June 2013. Before she came to work at the clinic, Paulina spent over three years working in Denmark.

  • Teresa Wiesek Dental Nurse

    Teresa Wiesek – Nurse

    Teresa joined the practice in October 2011 where she studied to qualify as dental nurse, Teresa completed her training in 2013 and now assists our dentists.

  • Aleksandra Cieslak Dental Nurse

    Aleksandra Cieslak – Nurse

    Aleksandra is originally from Poland and joined the Brighton Implant Clinic in August 2011. Aleksandra has completed her Dental Nursing training and assists our dentists and dental implant surgeons.

  • Karolina Tamiola Dental Nurse

    Karolina Tamiola – Nurse

    Karolina joined the team in December 2012. She has been working as a dental nurse, gaining experience in implant and cosmetic dentistry. Before beginning her nursing career, Karolina graduated University with Bachelor of Art Degree. Out of work, Karolina enjoys traveling the world and exploring new places.

  • Bernadetta Monica Dental Nurse

    Bernadetta Monica – Nurse

    Bernadetta came to England in 2008 after graduating in Poland. She has masters degree in Tourism and Hospitality. Bernadetta enjoys working at Brighton Implant Clinic to assist in dental implant surgery and general dentistry.

  • Izabela Dziecielska Nurse

    Izabela Dziecielska – Nurse

    Izabela came to England after graduating in 2007. She has a Master’s Degree in Applied Biology, Izabela assists as a nurse in cosmetic dentistry.

  • Lucie Svambergova - Nurse

    Lucie Svambergova – Assistant

    Lucie is originally from the Czech Republic. After graduating in 2010 she moved abroad and lived in the Canary Islands for three years. At the beginning of 2014 Lucie moved to the UK and joined our team as an assistant. Lucie loves traveling, new challenges and learning new skills.

  • Jacek Ziolkowski Senior Dental Lab Technician

    Jacek Ziolkowski – Senior Dental Technician

    GDC reg no. 143024

    Jacek studied at Dental Technician College in Poland before spending fourteen years perfecting his skills. He has been at the Brighton Implant Clinic since we opened in 2009 and is in charge of our in-house dental laboratory. Jacek has extensive knowledge in dental prosthetics especially same day teeth and All-on 4 procedures. Jacek has attended courses in dental prosthetics and works together with Dr Silva and Dr Nuno Cintra in complex restorative cases. Jacek provides training to other dental technicians in various aspects of dental prosthetics.

  • Vanda Novakova Dental Technician

    Vanda Novakova – Dental Technician

    GDC reg no. 161309

    Vanda graduated from dental school in 1996 and has been a dental technician for the past 14 years and has attended various technical courses. Vanda joined Brighton Implant Clinic in June 2010. In her spare time Vanda bakes excellent cakes!

  • Krzysztof Dental Technician

    Krzysztof Lewandowski – Lab Assistant

    Krzysztof graduated at the University of Dental Engineering prof. Meissner and Medical College of Dental Technology in Poland, in 2011. His career in dental technology is focused on developing skills in digital dentistry in various CAD/CAM systems. Before arriving in the UK, he worked in 3M ESPE Lava Milling Centre in Poland. He joined Brighton Implant Clinic in January 2014 and is working as lab assistant in the CAD/CAM department.

  • Krzysztof Dental Technician

    Piotr Marks – Lab assistant

    Piotr is originally from Poland, he works in our in-house lab.

  • Jana Prochazkova Dental Technician

    Jana Prochazkova – Lab assistant

    Jana is originally from the Czech Republic. She studied dental technology in 2003 followed by 7 years of working for laboratories in Prague. She started working at Brighton Implant Clinic in April 2012.

  • Petr Mysicka Dental Technician

    Petr Mysicka – Lab assistant

    Petr is a native of Czech Republic now living in Brighton. Petr studied dental technology , followed by eight years of working in a dental laboratory. He started working at Brighton Implant Clinic in January 2013. Petr has an interest in ceramics – porcelain crowns (zirconia, IPS emax, dental implants, veneers). Petr is meticulous and friendly.

  • Thomas Krakowski

    Thomas Krakowski – Lab assistant

    Thomas graduated in Poland, where he also spent the first few years of his apprenticeship mastering his skills as part of a family business. Thomas came to Brighton in 2008 and knew straight away he wanted to stay! Thomas happily joined Brighton Implant Clinic in 2013, in the crown and bridge department. He is now developing his skills in all aspects of ceramic and implant work with passion and enthusiasm.


  • Glyn Johnson Receptionist

    Glyn Johnson – Receptionist

    Glyn has been working with Dr Silva for the past 11 years and heads up the front of house team at the Implant Clinic.

  • Elisabeth McCombe Receptionist

    Elisabeth McCombe – Receptionist

    Elisabeth has several years reception experience, five of which have been spent in dentistry. Elisabeth is originally from Brighton.

  • Laura Bransbury Receptionist

    Laura Bransbury – Receptionist

    Laura is originally from Brighton and worked as an assistant manager before joining our reception team in 2013. Laura is also a freelance photographer and completed a makeup artistry course in 2014.

  • Mercedes Thompson-Weller – Logistics / Receptionist

    Mercedes was born in Brighton, she studied for a hair and beauty NVQ diploma, for four years and worked in a hair and beauty salon for five years. Now Mercedes is studying Executive PA in Brighton and she is in charge of our lab deliveries, as well as working on reception.


  • Joanna Gorecka Head of Admin

    Joanna Gorecka – Head of Administration

    Joanna is Dr Silva’s PA who heads up our administrative department and general day to day management of Dr Silva’s business activities. She has a masters degree in administration and is studying to become Accounts Technician, Joanna has been Dr Silva’s PA for over 4 years.

  • Joanna Gorecka Head of Admin

    Bobby Lambkin-Williams – Accountant

    Bobby joined the Brighton Implant Clinic in April 2014 and looks after the financial management for all of Dr Silva’s dental practices. Bobby graduated in accountancy in 2009, is an ACCA (Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants) finalist and amongst other things has studied in medical physics.