Are you thinking about having dental Implant treatment?


At the Brighton Implant Clinic, we offer a free dental implant consultation, which includes a dental health assessment and an individual treatment plan. Our award-winning clinic is renowned for our cosmetic restorations and achievements in dental implant cases. Our clinic facilities, as well as expertise, mean that our dental implant treatment has a 98% success rate. Scroll down for more information about our dental implant consultations and what to expect. 

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Why are our dental implant consultations free?

We believe in patient-focused care and that’s why we offer a free dental implant consultation. This consultation gives you all the information you need before deciding whether this treatment is right for you, giving you full patient autonomy at no obligation. An assessment is essential so that we know what the best treatment is for you depending on your wants, needs as well as cost...

What happens in a dental implant consultation?

free dental implant consultation

An Introduction

Dental Implants are the closest resemblance as well as feel to real teeth. They can replace single to multiple missing teeth and create a bond to the bone! Just like that of natural teeth. First things first we talk about what dental implants are, how they work and the different types of dental implant treatment that we do, such as dental implant bridges, all – on – four, teeth in a day and more!

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Bone analysis

During your assessment, your dentist will be analysing the height and density of your bone to make sure that it is sufficient to support dental implant(s). If you have suffered some bone loss there are many other options available depending on its severity such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, block grafts and more.

dental check up

Dental Checkup

Dr Bruno Silva and his team have years of experience in implantology/dental implant treatment. During your consultation process, you will be booked in with one of our experienced dentists, who will perform a full dental check up.  This is to evaluate the health of your remaining teeth and gums. If you have any existing oral health problems such as tooth decay or tooth wear our dentist can talk to you about treatment, as any oral health issues must be treated first before dental implant treatment. This can be incorporated into your treatment plan.


gum disease

Periodontal Evaluation

This simply means a gum and tissue evaluation, this is to see the health of your gum and mouth tissue to see if you may have any recession as well as infection such as gum disease this is to evaluate how your dental implants will be supported.

Male doctor dentist watching x-ray of patient

Panoramic x-ray

During your assessment, you will also receive a free full panoramic x – ray. This x – ray is to evaluate what is happening under the surface of your entire mouth, including your nasal passage and joints in your jaw. This is to evaluate if you have any impacted teeth, cysts, infections, fractures and more. This will help us develop a suitable treatment plan as well as options for your individual case.

Dependable on the outcome of your panoramic x-ray, in some more complex cases, you may require a CT scan. With an on-site CT scanner, this is available at the clinic at an additional fee.

Woman in a prosthodontic lab, learning prosthetic dentistry. Focus on denture. Unrecognizable person.

Impressions and bite analysis

During your free assessment, we will take dental impressions as well as evaluate the relationship of your upper and lower jaw. This is so we can see how your mouth should close together as well as what we will be able to achieve when making dental prosthetics.

Your treatment plan

Once we have carried out the consultation as well as answered any questions you may have. We will discuss with you, your options,  as well as our professional opinion on the best course of treatment for you depending on your wants, needs as well as cost. All this information is then collected and a detailed treatment plan is created for you. You then have as much time as you want and or need to then decide whether our dental implant treatment is right for you.

But, enough about what we say, here's what our patients have got to say about us...


The Brighton Implant Clinic was established in 2009, Hove, East Sussex. The award – winning clinic now spans over four sites in Hove,  Brighton, Worthing, and Hailsham. Founder and principal dentist Dr Bruno Silva has created a clinic with state of the art facilities and equipment including its own dental laboratory. We provide personalised and affordable dental care, including dental implants and cosmetic dentistry solutions, with additional services such as sedative dentistry. Dr Silva and his team believe a smile is a gift that keeps on giving, confidence in your smile is confidence in you. Their promise is to provide patients with first class dental treatments with first class patient care.