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December 24, 2011
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December 28, 2011

Cost Of Dental Implants

Cost Of Dental Implants

Cost of dental implants at Brighton Implant Clinic is just £995. We have provided affordable dental implant treatment for patients across the UK for almost seven years and designed our clinics specifically for dental implant treatments. Our dentists, surgeons and dental nurses undergo extensive dental implant training and acquire in-depth experience and specialized training.

In the past, many patients traveled abroad, because the cost of dental implants was unaffordable for most of the population. Statistics show that in 2007, approximately 30,000 patients traveled from Britain overseas for dental implant treatment. The main reason so many people traveled abroad was so they could find affordable dental treatment, ranging from simple to complex procedures. At Brighton Implant Clinic, we have priced the cost of dental implants at a more reasonable level in order to make dental implants treatment more affordable for our patients.

What is included in the cost of dental implants ?

Cost of dental implants

Your initial dental implant assessment is free of charge and takes about an hour. During the initial examination, a panoramic radio-graph may be required, which is also free. In the planning stage of your dental implant treatment, a CT scan may also be necessary, which is a separate charge of just £95. If bone grafting, temporary dentures, sedation or provisional crowns are required, there is a separate charge in addition to the £995. Please visit our Dental implants Price List for a complete breakdown of our fees.


FREE consultation and FREE panoramic X-ray £995 cost of dental implants at brighton implant clinic


What is included in the £995 cost of dental implants

Cost of dental implants

The price of £995 includes the dental implant, titanium abutment and porcelain crown. To replace a single tooth, a single dental implant has proven to be the most comfortable, effective and conservative option when compared to dental bridges and dentures. The affordable cost of dental implants enables more patients to undergo much needed dental implant treatments. We know this, because the Brighton Implant Clinic has seen an increase in patient numbers since we first opened our dental implant clinic in 2009. In 2010, our main dental surgeon, Dr. Bruno Silva, carried out more than 1,000 dental implant procedures. This is good news, because dental implants are a safe, affordable and predictable treatment option for missing or damaged teeth. Research shows that 95% of all dental implants are successful.

Please see our video of another patient talking about her experience of dental implant treatment.


For more information about Cost Of Dental Implants Please visit our Dental Implants Price List or Feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or Call 0844 815 1414.



  1. Robert Howie says:

    I am wondering if there are easy payment facilities?

    • Joanne Cowper says:

      Hi Robert, thank you for your enquiry.

      Unfortunately we do not currently offer any payment plans at the clinic however, we ask our patients to pay for their treatment as they go so the total cost is usually broken down into a number of payments over the course of treatment.

      We offer a free consultation at all three of our branches and during this appointment the dentist can take any necessary X-Rays, carry out a full assessment and discuss the different options of treatment with you. From here the dentist can provide a Treatment Plan detailing the appointments and prices for the recommended course of treatment. If you would like any further information or to book an appointment please do not hesitate to contact one of our branches or click here to contact us.

    • Patricia says:

      I need a new crown as the one I have on a molar keeps coming off. It is quite a tiny crown as I am told I have a ‘close bite’ (?)
      Could you tell me how much it would cost to have this in ceramic please as I don’t like the look of the metal ones.

      • Bruno Silva says:

        Thanks for your inquiry. Before we are able to give you a price for the treatment, we need to see you to understand what the problem is. If there is limited amounts of tooth structure left for a new crown to be made then it may be unwise to making a new crown. Metal free crowns are certainly possible but it really does depend on how much tooth remains and what needs to be replaced. If you need any further information or if you would like to book an appointment to see one of our dentists please contact us on 08001116623, many thanks, Bruno Silva

  2. Chris says:

    So, how much would it be for a complete upper and lower set of implants?

    I guess its different to a single, with 3 or 4 teeth on one part and several parts fitted?

    • Joanne Cowper says:

      Hi Chris, thank you for your enquiry.

      When looking at placing implants for a complete upper and lower jaw, here at the Brighton Implant Clinic we offer a procedure called Teeth-on-4. This is a specific treatment where any unhealthy remaining teeth are removed and a minimum of four implants are placed in either the upper or lower jaw and a full bridge of twelve teeth is permanently fixed. The cost of this treatment starts from £6500 – £7500 per arch depending on each individual case. Please take a look at our Teeth-on-4 page for more information

      For any further information or if you would like to book a free consultation please do not hesitate to contact the clinic

  3. Brenda Barnes says:

    Dear Bruno, my dentist removed my front tooth root two months ago. My tooth had broken two years before and I have had a false one on a plate. I am so fed up with this now and my worse fear is losing it! I asked my dentist if I could go for an implant. She said she would refer me to one who does implants when I next see her in July! she also told me this would cost £2000 on the NHS. Firstly I do not want to wait this long, also if I have this done privately would my other teeth be checked over and is the hygienist included in the treatment. What is your costing please? Yours Brenda Barnes

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Dear Brenda
      Thank you for your email, sorry for the late reply. Firstly I would recommend that we arrange an appointment for a FREE implant assessment to see if dental implant treatment is the right solution for your particular problem. We will carry out a thorough examination and ensure that we check all of your teeth as this forms part of the assessment. We do have a hygienist at our clinic which we can highly recommend. If you did need any further information please feel free to contact me. It is difficult to give you an exact cost of dental implant treatment as all cases are unique. You will be able to find a guide of our fees on our website here

  4. Peter Stein says:

    Hi u say 995 pounds and i wads quoted over 1300 pounds, sorry don’t understand. I was told my bone is good and doesn’t require a graft

    • Bruno Silva says:

      Dear Mr Stein
      Thank you for your message, the cost of the implant starts from £995, this includes the implant and Gradia composite crown. The additional cost that are somtimes required are £95 for a ct scan to ascertain the amount of bone that is available for implant placement. We need to be able to check the width, thickness and height of the bone to select the best implant for the tooth replacement. Lastly if you require a provisional crown during the 4 month healing period then this will be included as well. Many patients do not opt for this if they are replacing a back tooth which is not visible when speaking or smiling, however if you need an anterior tooth replaced you will need either a provisional crown or a removable denture. The cost for a provisional crown is £195. I hope this information will help you to understand why some treatment plans are higher cost than £995. If you require any further information please do let us know.
      Bruno Silva

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