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April 2, 2012
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April 5, 2012

What Is The Cost For Teeth Implants?

What Is The Cost For Teeth Implants?

You have a missing tooth and you are considering replacing it with an implant however you ask yourself how much is the cost for teeth implants ? Dental implants have been in use for several years and were first pioneered and documented by Professor Branemark in Sweden.

The first designs of dental implants were very different from what dentists are using today. Generally some shapes are still used today, however many advancements have been made in the technology of dental implant surface treatments. The cost for teeth implants is sometimes considered to be high as this is actually a new form of dentistry being offered today. Like all new technology its not totally mainstream yet.


cost for teeth implants in this case was about £750 per tooth

Just like other new developments the initial stages are still pricier and once competition begins to grow, its likely that the cost for teeth implants will gradually come down. Another area where many improvements have been seen are in the shape and architecture of the dental implant platform. Dental implants have a very wide variety of shapes, lengths, widths and designs. Newer types of dental implants made of zirconia are also becoming popular however the long term success or survival rates are still unknown for certain. The idea of zirconia dental implants is an attractive one since the dental implant is made of a white material and this blends in well in the mouth as opposed to grey titanium.

High quality affordable Cost For Teeth Implants in the UK

Average Cost of Dental Implants?

Cost For Teeth Implants

The average cost for teeth implants in the UK is around £1500-£2000 per tooth. The cost for teeth implants should include everything i.e. the dental implant, the permanent abutment and the final porcelain crown. Many practices advertise very low cost for teeth implants however when one analyses closely its a bit misleading. Some advertise just the price of the implant and the price of the crown or abutment is not included. Dental implants are the most predictable and sure way of replacing damaged or missing teeth. Dental implants can last 15-20 years depending on the bone loss around the implant. Generalised bone loss which occurs as a result of gum disease can also result in the lifespan of a dental implant being reduce. At Brighton Implant Clinic our cost for teeth implants is £995 which includes the dental implant, a permanent abutment and the final porcelain crown. For more information please visit our Dental Implants Price List or feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic .