Looking for cheap dental implants?  Do you really want cheap dental implants? Cheap crown?  The only thing that should be cheap is the price, so how about affordable. Tooth loss can have detrimental effects on our mental as well as physical well -being. Progression in restorative dentistry has developed dental implants, which are the closest in resemblance and feel to natural teeth. Implants are becoming more popular, increasing their demand, and creating a more competitive market.

Price and affordability is a major factor in considering any procedure, and with dental implant treatment being in a growing competitive market, the search for finding the best value for money is becoming more difficult.

The average cost of dental implants in the UK is £2000 – £3000, at the Brighton implant clinic our dental implants start from £995. This is the titanium implant, abutment and a gradia composite crown. We have a price guarantee promise, that we are the lowest priced dental implants in the UK, now.

As an award – winning clinic we don’t just believe in affordability, we believe in first class patient care at affordable prices.

WHY YOU SHOULDN’T GO ABROAD FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS…                                                                      

Firstly, it’s not always cheap!

Many patients look for cheap dental implant treatment abroad, although the initial treatment may seem more cost effective, many people forget to add up the additional costs that come with travelling overseas.

Additional costs to consider………..


The total cost of going abroad for dental implant treatment can actually be considerably higher than treatment here in the UK. This is not simply the additional costs of the initial procedure abroad, but the aftercare and potential follow-up treatment.

Many patients seek aftercare advice as well as follow ups and checkups after any treatment or procedure. If you have had your procedure abroad, communication can be difficult, as well as arranging a follow-up or check up, which could be very costly. If you do commit to treatment abroad, and you do have any problems or are seeking further treatment in the UK, depending on the type of procedure you have had, as well as the country you have chosen for your treatment. This, as well as the medical records and documentation you can provide, a dentist in the UK, can still legally refuse treatment. These are all things to bear in mind, this is usually decided on a case by case basis.


cheap dental implants

Why we’re different at the Brighton Implant Clinic

With NO hidden costs and a full treatment and payment plan provided by us, you may be wondering how our prices are vastly cheaper in comparison to other clinics.

It’s no secret, from our facilities to our personalised patient care, we’re proud of what we have achieved and what we strive to maintain as well as exceed.

It all started with Dr Bruno Silva and his ambition to create a clinic, which provides affordable treatments and procedures, which never sacrifice on quality or the latest dental solutions. We provide cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, with a focus on dental implant treatment. Unlike other dental practices, our clinics have been specially designed for this type of procedure, be that our facilities, experience, or expertise.

Nothing’s cheap but the price here’s why…


On-Site CT scanner

At our clinics, we have an On-Site CT scanner. This allows our dentists to provide accurate information about patient’s dental health or suitability for dental implant treatment. With this facility within our own clinic, there is no need to refer you for a CT scan.

Our first implant assessment is free.

We provide a free one-hour consultation with an experienced and qualified dentist in dental implant treatment. In this consultation, the dentist can give you a free panoramic radiography, which will enable us to have a look at your teeth and jawbone structure to answer any queries. This will also let you and your dentist begin a treatment plan and decide whether this treatment will be right for you.  

FDA approved and CE marked

Our clinics only buy high-quality products, which are FDA approved and CE marked. As we frequently purchase equipment from regular suppliers, we buy in bulk, meaning we are able to buy top quality products at a reduced cost. As we save, we also make sure our patients are saving too.

On-Site Dental Laboratory

At our clinics, we have an On-Site CT scanner. This allows our dentists to provide accurate information about patient’s dental health or suitability for dental implant treatment. With this facility within our own clinic, there is no need to refer you for a CT scan.



For more information about our cheap affordable dental implant, you can contact the Brighton Implant Clinic for a free consultation.  See our video below, one of our patient’s talks about their all-on-four dental implant treatment… 

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Cheap Dental Implants

The Brighton Implant Clinic was established in 2009, Hove, East Sussex. The award – winning clinic now spans over four sites in Hove,  Brighton, Worthing, and Hailsham. Founder and principal dentist Dr Bruno Silva has created a clinic with state of the art facilities and equipment including its own dental laboratory. We provide personalised and affordable dental care, including dental implants and cosmetic dentistry solutions, with additional services such as sedative dentistry. Dr Silva and his team believe a smile is a gift that keeps on giving, confidence in your smile is confidence in you. Their promise is to provide patients with first class dental treatments with first class patient care.