All On 4 Dental Implants

Performing even the simplest daily tasks can be incredibly disheartening when you are living with missing or damaged teeth. You cannot participate in activities that you once did and you often miss out on eating your favorite foods.

By not having the smile that you once had, your confidence can be shattered. You may even be so self-conscious that you find yourself smiling and laughing less often every day.

If you are suffering from the effects of an incomplete and embarrassing smile, we have great news. Brighton Implant Clinic can fix that in just one day!

Dr. Bruno Silva and his trusted team of experts have been successfully performing the ‘All on 4’ dental implant procedure since 2004. They have given thousands of patients their quality of life back through this simple, yet renowned, dental implant procedure.

In addition to proudly holding rank as one of the top dental implant clinics in the UK, Brighton Implant Clinic also offers an on-site dental laboratory. This means that your provisional bridge will be made on-site and same day. You will never leave the premise without teeth.

Thanks to the ‘All of 4’ dental implant treatment, Brighton Implant Clinic can give you your smile back in just a few hours!

What are ‘All on 4’ Dental Implants?

‘All on 4’ dental implants replace a full arch of teeth in just one visit! This revolutionary dental implant procedure allows implant surgeons to provide a natural looking fixed set of replacement teeth in just one day.

In most cases this “Smile in a Day” procedure allows for the extraction of broken or decaying teeth, and the placement of four tooth implants, in the very same appointment.

‘All on 4’ dental implants are the best solution for patients wanting to replace a full arch of missing or damaged teeth with fixed, highly aesthetic, comfortable teeth.

‘All on 4’ dental implants is the most exciting option available in implant dentistry. It’s much more affordable than traditional solutions. It’s a remarkably fast procedure with minimal pain and fuss.

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Am I Eligible?

The ‘All on 4’ dental implant procedure is a successful solution for 95% of all patients.

Using the ‘All on 4’ dental implant procedure, we are able to provide a comprehensive oral rehabilitation solution to nearly anyone who suffers from tooth loss, and even to those who face a future of having no teeth at all.

Four implants is the minimum needed in order to support a fixed dental bridge but you are certainly not limited to four.

Brighton Implant Clinic offers a free, no obligation initial consultation for patients considering ‘All on 4’ dental implants. During this free assessment, we will determine if this procedure is right for you. Our practitioners are passionate about giving you your smile back. We will explain everything to you during your free consultation and will answer any questions you may have.

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‘All on 4’ Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Individuals with dentures constantly worry about plate slippage. They avoid some of their favorite foods and often give up physical activity for fear of having their dentures slip, or even worse, fall out! Dentures are a very big chore to take care of. They are uncomfortable for most people and can break or get lost. Full dentures cover the roof of your mouth, often affecting speech, taste and sensation.

With the ‘All on 4’ dental implant solution you don’t have to worry about any of that. We give you natural feeling, reliable, permanent teeth. You can make preferred specifications on tooth color, shape and size. The best news is, with ‘All on 4’ dental implants, you can go back to dancing, swimming, and enjoy that delicious steak or corn-on-the-cob!

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‘All on 4’ Dental Implants vs. Crowns

Crowns are a common solution to missing teeth but they are not always the best choice. Those with missing teeth have problems chewing and may have gaps in their smile. If you have a large amount of teeth to replace then crowns can become an incredibly difficult and expensive process. As you age, your facial muscles relax, causing sunken cheeks and a change in the shape of your face. Crowns may not look natural over time.

Because ‘All on 4’ dental implants are a permanent solution, you will have a natural looking smile for years to come.

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Is the ‘All on 4’ Procedure Painful?

Traditional dental implant techniques require the surgeon to carry out a painful bone graft procedure. This old technique is not only painful, but includes healing times of 6-12 months. Bone grafts can not only cause additional pain and complication but can also contribute to a higher risk of failure.

With ‘All on 4’ dental implants these bone grafts are avoided. This means a higher success rate, a faster healing time, and much less pain. Our patients are able to eat normally just days after surgery!

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Are ‘All on 4’ Dental Implants Expensive?

At Brighton Implant Clinic our ‘All on 4’ solution starts from just £7595 per arch. The overall investment will depend on the complexity of your treatment and the type of material your final bridge is made of.

This investment includes:

  • Intravenous sedation
  • Extraction of problem teeth
  • Implant placement
  • Provisional bridge
  • Final non precious metal bar
  • Maintenance visits
  • Accommodation, if required on the day of surgery

* In some cases where multiple teeth are extracted, the charge may increase.

** The number of implants can vary between 4-6, however; if more implants are required, the cost may increase.

*** If Zygomatic arch implants are required, the cost will increase. Zygomatic arch implants are for those patients with limited amounts of bone. In these instances different types of implants can be used to overcome the limitations created by jaw bone shrinkage. Zygomatic implants are more complex and are only carried out by highly experienced surgeons.

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What Makes ‘All on 4’ Dental Implants the Superior Choice?

The ‘All on 4’ dental implant procedure was innovated by renowned dental implant surgeon, Dr. Paolo Malo. This procedure enables the dental implant practitioner to replace a patients’ entire mouth of missing or damaged teeth using only 4 prosthetic implants and a fixed non-removable and fully-customized dental bridge. The advantages that this procedure has over traditional tooth replacement has given it enormously important status in the field of oral rehabilitation.

The most exciting breakthrough in oral rehabilitation is the concept of immediate function. This method of placing dental implants comes with a number of immediate advantages. Even if you are suffering from advanced gum disease, with ‘All on 4’ dental implants, your infected teeth can be removed and implants given, on the same day. The concept of “same day teeth” or “teeth today” has grown incredibly popular amongst patients with serious dental implant needs.

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