Affordable Dental Implants

Affordable dental implants are now available in the uk. Many people suffer from damaged or missing teeth, however the high cost of dental implants in the UK means that many patients have had to opt for dentures or bridges instead. Whilst dental implants have been available since the mid 1980’s their use in dentistry has been somewhat limited due to the high cost of treatment. There is no doubt that dental implant treatment would be more popular with patient if the cost were more affordable. Dr Bruno Silva who founded the Brighton Implant Clinic has been providing affordable dental implants since 2003. When I started placing dental implants in 2003 I soon realized that most of my patients would not be able to afford the ‘normal’ prices that were being charged in 2003. The irony was that most of the patient that needed dental implant treatment were unable to afford the treatment. I came to the conclusion that if the treatment were more affordable for the patient then it would be more likely that they would be opt to invest in dental implants.

I have been quoted a much higher price for dental implants, why are Brighton Implant Clinic prices lower?

  1. Firstly we try to simplify the process of dental implant treatment. Our prices are clearly laid out on our website so patients can see what each item costs before they even decide to see one of our dentists for an assessment or treatment. All of our patients are given a printed copy of their treatment plan before any treatment commences. In this document the number of appointments, a description of each appointment is explained. The costs are itemized for each appointment.
  2. Our first implant assessment is free of charge. This appointment is one hour length and is booked with a qualified dentist who has experience in both placing dental implants and restoring them with crowns and bridges. All questions, queries, doubts can be addressed at this appointment with the dentist. We also include a free panoramic radiograph in this appointment should it be necessary. Any small radiographs that are required during this appointment or throughout the treatment are also free of charge.
  3. We have an onsite CT scanner which assists in accurate planning of dental implant treatment. Rather than refer you for a ct scan we can do this on the same day of the initial appointment if needed. Our onsite CT scan allows the dentist to provide accurate information to the patient about their dental health or suitability for dental implant treatment within minutes.
  4. Our onsite dental laboratory works part of our clinic and produces natural looking crowns and bridges for dental implants. Having an onsite dental lab means dentists and technicians can discuss cases with the patient and ensure that the end result is precisely what the patient requested.
  5. Our clinics are focussed on dental implant treatment. We purchase high quality dental implants that have proven and tested results. The systems which we use are both FDA approved and CE marked.

What is involved when undergoing affordable dental implants treatment ?

The process of inserting a single dental implant usually takes approximately one hour, for multiple implants the surgery can take longer. Patients can choose to have a local anaesthetic, like when you have a cavity filled, or an intravenous sedative. After placement a dental implant is given a period of three to six months to heal. During that time, the bone fuses with the dental implant, forming a tight connection on the titanium surface. When this process called osseo-integration is complete, the dental surgeon attaches a crown or bridge, which makes your new dental implant feel, look and function just like your own, natural teeth.

How Much Does A Single Tooth Dental Implant Cost?

To replace a missing natural tooth with a dental implant and crown you need to be aware of the following.

  1. The implant titanium fixture which is inserted into the jaw bone costs £695.
  2. The crown which fits onto the implant ranges from £300 for a composite resin crown, £400 for a porcelain crown or £500 for a zirconia crown.

Please be aware that there may be additional charges for your treatment that will be outlined within your treatment plan.

  1. Is the tooth already missing or do you need the tooth to be extracted first. If you need the tooth extracted the extraction costs which range from £45 (simple tooth extraction) to £85 (complex surgical extraction).
  2. Are you comfortable with undergoing dental implant treatment under local anaesthetic or would you prefer to be sedated (asleep). Sedation costs £125.
  3. Do you require a temporary denture or provisional crown during the course of your treatment. If you are replacing an anterior tooth with a dental implant, you may prefer to have a temporary tooth covering the space while the treatment is being completed. A provisional crown costs £195.
  4. A CT scan is  usually required prior to surgery to ensure that there is sufficient amounts of bone for implant placement. A CT scan costs £95.
  5. Bone grafting may be needed to increase the amount of bone for implant placement. Additional bone can be added in some cases to allow implant placement to be successful. Bone grafting can vary in price depending on the size of graft needed. Prices for bone grafting start from £195.

Traveling abroad for affordable dental implants.

If you are considering dental implants overseas you should be aware of the additional costs of travel and the overall cost of dental implants in a foreign country could actually be higher than the overall cost of dental implants done at Brighton Implant Clinic.We are proud to offer Affordable Dental Implants to our patients at Brighton Implant Clinic. For more information about Affordable Dental Implants please feel free to Contact Brighton Implant Clinic or you can also visit our Dental Implants Price List at Brighton Implant Clinic.