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December 24, 2011
Cost of Dental Implants
December 25, 2011

Affordable dental implants

Let’s talk about affordable dental implants.

Dental implant treatment can help you replace missing teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium and are placed into the jaw bone during a small operation. The treatment can be carried out under local anesthetic or sedation. The treatment itself usually takes about 6 months to complete and requires a minimum of 4 appointments. Dental implants are predictable and have been shown to be 95% successful after a 5 year period.

A 60 year old female patient presented at our clinic and requested treatment for missing teeth on the upper left side. After a thorough examination it was noted that the upper left premolars and molars were missing. During the assessment the various options were discussed with the patient. The alternative treatment options for this case would be a removable denture. A fixed bridge would not be suitable as an alternative as there were no posterior teeth to support a bridge.

Dental implant treatment was the treatment of choice. It was decided that only 3 missing teeth would be replaced namely the first and second premolar plus the first molar. On the day of surgery the patient requested that the treatment be carried out under local anesthetic. Three dental implants were placed in the upper left side in the positions of the first, second premolar and first molar.

The stability of the implants were very good, and hence it was decided to attach healing abutments on the implants. The healing abutments would allow the gums(gingivae) to heal around the healing abutments and allow for a one stage procedure. The advantage of a one stage procedure is that a second surgical stage is not required.

4 months after the implants were placed the patient returned for the next stage of treatment. Radio-graphs were taken to ensure that the implants had osseointegrated and the implants and surrounding bone had healed.

Impressions were taken of the implants and sent to the dental implant laboratory. The patient had opted for cement retained crowns and hence these were requested from the dental laboratory.

The patient returned and the customized abutments were fitted onto the implants. The accuracy of fit and the position of the abutments were confirmed again with further radio-graphs. The definitive crowns were fitted on the implants and the patient was given instructions on how to look after the implants.

The total cost of this treatment was spread over a 6 month period. The total cost of treatment was :

  1. Free Assessment
  2. CT scan: £95
  3. Three dental implants 3 x £695= £2085.
  4. Three cement retained crowns 3 x £300=£900
Total cost = £3080

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